1. Do you sell?
    Yes, but not sell on this website. we listing items on promotion and offer tips & info.
  2. Any else offer?
    Yes, we take purchasing order. (i.e. Consumer Electronics, Promotion Items,hi-tech staffs, Teas)
  3. Is it safe?
    Yes, all listing product turn to the safe on-line store.
  4. How to start?
    Glance the items or categories,or just search the item name.
  5. How many itms listing?
    Thousands and get more, but be remeember,all items on promotions, it might expired in 7 days,15days or 30 days.
  6. Can my product list here?
    Yes, but you must have a safety on-line store and give us a link.
  7. what kind of product on listing?
    It will cluding:Women Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories,  Beauty & Accessroies.
  8. What do you do?
    TIPSINCN, offering the tips and info for the beginer.  the plan including three part(Travel to China, Sell to China and Buy from China).
  9. How to use this website?
    Simple check our help pages.
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