How To Get Help When In China

Though we have many things want to introduce.this one should be the first and most important.

Phone Call:

Emergency Call: 112
(do not use it when emergency unless you forgot the number below. .)

Policy: 110
Fire: 119
First Aid: 120
Traffic Accidetns:122
SOS in Water:12395

1. in many situations,110 was your first choice.
2. install an app could send your location,such as Wechat, Whatsapp.
3. Make some friends or at least get one contact in China that can receive your message.

Service Hotline
China Unicom: 10010
China Mobile: 10086 / 12580
China Telecom: 10000

Bank of China 95566
Agricultural Bank of China 95599
China Construction Bank 95533
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 95588
Bank of Communications 95559
Standard Chartered Bank 800-820-8088
Citibank 800-830-1880
HSBC 800-820-8828

Air Company
Air China 95583
China Eastern Airline 95530
Hainan Airlines 950718
Southern Airlines 400-669-5539
Beijing Capital International Airport 96158
Shanghai Pudong International Airport 96990

any more Tips will add in future.

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