Method of buying from China safely

It is easy buying from China,but,how to make it more safe?

The main idea

Check it carefully!

In general, you can buying through trusted B2C website, visit the showing fair to meet trusted factory and supplier .however,we are talking small business,so we buying through internet most of the time,usually we do the actions as below:

  1. Search the company name + scam
  2. Check their website/product information carefully.
  3. Try small order first or mixed order.
  4. Learn about the payment,the terms and conditions
  5. Check the quality file through the B2C website

But still ,here add some tips more.

  1. Compare the price with others
  2. Check the buyer reviews carefully
  3. Read the desctions carefully

It is not only trying to cut the cost, but also to indenty some conditions.The inredible price usually means bad or different item. unless its on promotion.

Though Chinese factory can offer competitive price, but it still have bottom line. ove the line, someone start to offer the defetive, bad,similar item instead.

What we pay and what we gain. 

Keep this rule in mind and start to check buyer’s reviews. why should you check the buyer reviews carefully? because some of them were paid.

At last,the desctions of listing product. for a company website, what they are listing, it can flexible as their taking OEM/ODM orders.

But for the on-line selling ,you should uderstand, it also can be theirs strategy.

To mark sure what you see as what you got. Check it carefully!